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Sous vide vacuum sealed cooking ensures moist, evenly cooked meat from the inside out.

Sous vide is the French term that describes a cooking technique where food is cooked in vacuum sealed air tight bags immersed in low, precise temperature water baths for long periods of time. Translated to English it means ‘under vacuum.’

The slow, controlled cooking time results in foods having superior consistency and higher yield than possible with conventional cooking. It also achieves extremely tender product that's consistently succulent and juicy as the juices are retained within the product. This renowned cooking process was invented in 1799 by Sir Benjamin Thompson and further perfected in the 1960's by chefs and researchers working to improve the cooking loss associated with the conventional cooking of foie grass. The sous vide process resulted in a higher yield and a unique and improved texture.

Simply, sous vide relies on the superior ability of water to transfer heat to food. Unlike conventional cooking, sous vide only exposes product to the desired cooking temperature/s therefore negating the risk of over or undercooking product. The process also pasteurises product during the cooking, eliminating any harmful bacteria thus ensuring product that can be stored under refrigeration for extended periods of time.

As they say, ‘the rest is history,’ and testament to the sous vide process that has evolved into one of the most preferred and superior cooking processes by chefs and best practice foodservice industry organisations around the globe.

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