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Our History

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A family business built on hard work, honesty, respect and excellence.


Peter Andrews Snr, founder of Andrews Meat, arrived in Australia in 1951 as a 13 year old boy unable to speak English or spell his own name.

Within three years Peter had already demonstrated the work ethic that is synonymous with Andrews Meat today, by saving enough money to purchase his first business: a cafe in Trangie, NSW.

Exposure to farming life in NSW’s west led Peter to discover his true passion - meat. In 1960 Peter opened his first butcher shop in Paddington in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and thus the Andrews Meat business was born.

Much loved by locals, Peter began to look for ways to grow the business and saw an opportunity to expand into wholesale. He worked closely with nearby restaurants to understand their needs and help them choose the most efficient cuts of meat for their menus.


Peter quickly earned the trust from his retail and wholesale customers who appreciated his integrity, commitment to customer service and his high regard for product quality and consistency.


Peter’s sons' involvement in the family business began in the 1990s and it was from this time the business really took a more focussed direction into food service. The business model at the time was predominantly export and wholesale.

At the time the export market was volatile, and Peter Jnr believed that a stronger focus on food service would provide a range of opportunities and a steady growth path for the business. Working alongside butchers during the day and canvassing new clients into the evenings, Peter Jnr soon developed a network of clients across all areas of food service.

The strategic decision to acquire another meat wholesaler in 1998 provided access to new markets and sales growth further cementing the company’s emerging position as a major supplier.

Peter’s vision and drive were shared by his brothers Harry and Michael who provided the necessary administrative and operational support to advance the business.

Together they have built what is regarded today as one of Australia’s leading food service meat suppliers.

Underpinning the success of the business are the same fundamental values that Peter Andrews Snr built it on – hard work, integrity, service, quality and people.

The Andrews Meat management team and staff are passionate about what they do and the tradition of long employment tenure for many is testament to the Andrews Meat culture and family spirit.

Andrews Meat continues to look to the future. Drawing on the company’s progressive thinking, innovative products and superior service, there are plans in place to capitalise on market opportunities both in Australia and overseas.


In July 2014 Andrews Meat formed a partnership agreement with the country’s largest and most successful processor, exporter and feedlot operator, JBS Australia.

Sharing similar cultural and business values to Andrews Meat the partnership assisted in bridging the gap in the supply chain, as well as providing a more secure and consistent supply base for customers.

It has enabled opportunities for expansion and growth in the value added and prepared foods segments in Australia and overseas.

The family, together with their loyal team, look forward to continuing to serve the Australian and international food service sector.

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