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Tajima tops Open F1 Class at 2023 Australian Wagyu competition

Tajima Australian Grainfed Wagyu was crowned Champion for the Open F1 Wagyu class at this week’s 2023 Australian Wagyu Branded Beef Awards.

Taking home the top spot for the Class Four - Open F1 Wagyu, Tajima Australian Grainfed Wagyu by Andrews Meat Industries achieved a score of 991, one of the highest scores in the entire competition.

Tajima’s entry impressed competition judges with a digital marbling score of 57%. Judging notes described the product as, “Pure bliss. Superb clean, fresh juiciness and silky texture,” and “Rich, buttery and umami flavour with lasting juiciness and depth.”

Jeremy Stuart, General Manager of Export at Andrews Meat Industries, expressed his thanks for the tireless team that is behind the Tajima brand. 

“It’s a great honour for Tajima to be recognised – it’s a brand we’ve been passionate about since it was established in 2007 and it continues to be a firm favourite in both our domestic and export markets.

“We couldn’t have such consistent quality without the outstanding effort of our brilliant producers and livestock team – the results that come from their commitment to quality, consistency and sustainability is what sets Tajima apart, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible wagyu to our customers for years to come.”

Presented by the Australian Wagyu Association, the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition is an annual event recognising the most exciting and innovative wagyu brands. Considered the pinnacle of Australian wagyu branded beef competitions, it provides an opportunity for brand owners and producers to showcase their products and benchmark them against competitors.

This year’s Wagyu Branded Beef Competition saw a record 58 entries in the competition. Approximately 600 people filled Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney to celebrate the awards.

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About Tajima

Tajima is internationally renowned for its rich, buttery flavours and exceptionally smooth texture. Every bite is an experience, a marker of the discerning journey of Tajima beef.

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About Andrews Meat Industries

Andrews Meat Industries is one of Australia's longest serving and most respected meat suppliers and portioning processors. Led by the Andrews family since 1960, they deliver high quality products with exceptional service to foodservice, retail and export customers in Australia and overseas.

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